Stepping into the Light…

Welcome to fateamenable!

This is the first post of the new blog, so I’ll just introduce myself and what I want to do here…

My name’s Jack Preston, I work in Cambridge, UK as a software engineer / developer (frankly, I forget the difference; I know some people in… this? these? profession(s) object to one or other of the names, you have my apologies!). I’m not long out of an MMath Mathematics degree and got into this line of work after discovering a bit of a hobbyist passion for software development at University.

The name of the blog’s in reference to a name from one of my favourite books; ‘Excession’ by Iain M Banks.  The name is actually ‘Fate Amenable to Change’ and is the name of a massive conscious spaceship, but I’m sure we’ll get onto Banks and his Culture novels and all that at some point in the near future; they’re a big love of mine.  If you’re really interested, the reason I’ve shortened it isn’t because I thought it would be edgy and cool, but because nobody wants to have to type fateamenabletochange into a browser bar on any kind of frequent basis…

I’ll be looking to talk about the processes and industry of software development, interesting bits and bobs of technology, great media I encounter of any kind, … Really quite a lot of things; I’m reaching out to anybody with similar interests to me here, so if you read a few posts and decide that’s you, you’ll probably enjoy at least some of it.  There’ll be a mix of larger written pieces and shorter status-update-style posts, with a little bit of “hey, I saw this wizard thing on the internets / in real life; here’s a link / photo!”.

I’m look forward to writing here, hope you enjoy it!

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4 Responses to Stepping into the Light…

  1. buttontins says:

    How have I only just discovered this? Xxx

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