The First Steps into a Huge, Amazing World

There’s a bit of a game flying around the internet at the moment; 30 questions about video games answered in 30 days.  I’m not interested in taking on the time challenge, but some of these have proven surprisingly hard to answer and brought back a lot of good memories!  With that in mind, find below my answer to the following;

What was your very first video game?

Beautiful machine, that. Game Boy is clearly owned by Nintendo, by the way.

This is really pretty tricky to work out.  I’m only 22, and I already have ridiculous difficulty remembering that far back… I’m finding it hard to even nail down which platform it was for… My first portable console was a Game Boy Color, in lime green.  I would play Pokemon Blue until the days turned to weeks.  I’m pretty sure that wasn’t my first console though; I had an N64 and played it for quite a significant portion of the time I was in primary school (which I would’ve started in around ’93, I think?) with a good friend of mine.

Trying to identify the first game I had on the N64, it was probably Goldeneye 007 which, frankly, is an EPIC game.  I quite clearly remember matches of one-hit-kill games with friends.  Those, by the way, are the only games in which the Klobb reveals its true power.  And the ability to be the first to choose Oddjob as your character.

However, there was also a PC in my family house, and I’m pretty sure it was around from a pretty early age… Most likely before even the N64.  Now we’re getting into seriously hazy territory, but I’m pretty sure it had copies of Chessmaster 2000, an early version of Microsoft Flight Simulator, and the first Commander Keen game.  Looking at the release dates of these, I think my best guess at this question is going to have to come in two parts, and with a heavy disclaimer against my memory.

  1. This dude always used to destroy me...

    The first game I had regular access to and played was Chessmaster 2000, by The Software Toolworks.  It was released in 1986 (three years before I was even born) for DOS.  If that wasn’t in capitals, I would’ve put it in capitals anyway.  Maybe I’ll italicise it; DOS!  I completely love that there were games released for DOS.  It was on a load of floppy disks, and was installed by my dad on the PC he got for the house.

  2. The first game I was call ‘my game’ was, I think, Goldeneye 007 for the N64.  This was really quite brilliant, and I played it and played it and played it.  I can pretty much walk through the entire single player campaign in my head, and that’s not an exaggeration.  What’s great is that the film (also Goldeneye) is pretty much exactly followed by the game.  Which to me means ‘the film exactly follows the game’ – I watch that movie and know exactly what’s behind the doors that Bond doesn’t open, exactly what not to do concerning remote mines and fuel tanks, and exactly what’s gonna happen to the Russian chump on the toilet.

Pew pew, pew pew... Gotcha.

Saying that, maybe it was Pokemon… I wouldn’t mind.  What was your first?  Speak up!!!

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11 Responses to The First Steps into a Huge, Amazing World

  1. Owen Mather says:

    Very informative, enjoyed reading

    • fateamenable says:

      Thanks very much :) I see you’ve not posted anything on your blog yet – maybe this could be a starting topic for you? Are you a gamer, and if so what was your first game?

  2. Kate says:

    PGA Golf! On the PC. I remember the whole extended family used to crowd around our tiny computer screen taking it in turns and marvelling at modern technology. We still randomly quote it to each other from time to time….

    The first game I ever owned that was all mine was The Sims 1 on PC. I soon realised it had far too few chainsaws. Needless to say my tastes have changed somewhat since then….

  3. Kate says:

    Actually, I have a penchant for the shotgun now a days. Oh, and Orcish swords of course.

  4. Dude this is awesome. I might do this.

  5. buttontins says:

    You’re forgetting the wonderful and educational, Mario is Missing

  6. buttontins says:

    We definitely had that on the PC

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