An Assassin’s Creed Countdown? TO WHAT?!

Ubisoft seem to be running with their new “well, the cat’s out of the bag, may as well go full steam ahead with the promo work now…” philosophy.  The official Assassin’s Creed site has had its front page replaced with a mysterious countdown.

It’s frankly a pretty gorgeous little bit of promo work all on its own actually…  What’s really baking everyone’s collective noodles is why oh why is the countdown so short and what the hell is it TO?!  If my time arithmetic’s good (it’s not) the timer’s working down to 5pm Monday (GMT) which may or may not be a more significant time somewhere in America, I’m not sure…

I’m shaping up to really like the setting of this game, the environment they’re setting up with all the snowy American battlefields are really great looking!  And the new assassin looks nifty too, from what little we’ve seen…

Very excited about this game now :D

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6 Responses to An Assassin’s Creed Countdown? TO WHAT?!

  1. nerdshirtsandcardigans says:

    Even though I have a massive sinus thing resulting in needing to take, no kidding, 2000mg of meds for 2 weeks, I have been told by husband that I should be ready to go to GameStop at 10pm tonight for the “Midnight Release of Mass Effect 3”. And questioning why its a “midnight” release at 10pm does not work.We don’t need a fancy website here – thanks to smartphone countdowns and actual countdown on the wall calendar.
    Thankfully this has overshadowed anything AC for a while now. But probably not for long.

    • fateamenable says:

      He should be glad he can even GO to GameStop to get it! A major UK game retailer called Game is having such a bad time of it they’re not even stocking ME3!
      If it’s any consolation, ME3’s shaping up to be pretty great, so it might keep the AC away for a while :)

      • nerdshirtsandcardigans says:

        Wow that really sucks for you. They even had a large gaming retailer on one of the major bases in Kuwait for a while – but I dont remember which one, I wanna say GameStop though since they have stores on every Army base I’ve ever visited… But I think its gone now since the pullout.
        ME3 demo has been out for a few, and has been replayed so many times Im sure he could beat it in his sleep. AC will follow in a week or so Im sure – we have every game and the addon codes all over the house. Everytime we’ve gone to a GameStop since pre-ordering ME3 and husband points out he already has a copy reserved, the cashiers high five him. Apparently ME3 is that awesomely anticipated.

      • fateamenable says:

        Ha, it really really is. Totally didn’t know there were things like Game shops on army bases… I learn something new every day lol

      • nerdshirtsandcardigans says:

        I have heard COD referred to as “training” and “homework” by more then not.

      • fateamenable says:

        Yeah, definitely not surprised they play a lot of COD lol

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