Nerdlecraft! Weedlecraft! MEAT

Let’s keep the theme of romantic + nerd + craft going, shall we? Ok, not yet a theme if it’s only two posts… Let’s START a theme!

As you no doubt noticed and possibly celebrated, recently we had Valentine’s Day. My girlfriend and I usually make our own presents for each other on this day, and it seems we both have pretty one-track minds when it comes to suitable gifts. I’ll showcase them here for your amusement :D

First up, Katie’s excellent gift for me. This one needs a little explanation for you to experience the full force of the joke, but first a picture;

Professor Weedle, at your service (Weedle is a Pokemon [DUH], so he’s Nintendo’s!)

Pretty great, no? It’s embroidered, not just cross-stitched or anything. I’m told Weedle was drawn on and then embroidered over, and the text was typed out on a computer and copied on to the fabric in a projector/light-boxy kind of way. I love it! There’s more to this Pokemon though – Katie’s last name is Weeden.

YEAH.  All up in the Weedle puns :D It’s kind of a nickname of her’s, and she wears glasses (sort of) like those that the keenest-eyed of you will have noticed being sported by Weedle. I actually tried to get this picture (expertly drawn in paint by one of Katie’s friends) printed on a mug by Zazzle for a present a while back, but it was refused for breaking copyright law, lol :(

Now mine! Prepare for your minds to be blown, dudes. I’m not so crafty, and this was my first time attempting some kind of needle-based activity (let me tell you; needles + cackhandedness = PERILOUS), but I think it came out pretty well! If you can’t see from the picture, this is cross-stitched, and don’t worry, it went into a nice frame after this picture was taken!

Black eyes omitted, due to I forgot

So yeah, that was our Valentine’s day! I’m a big fan of nerdcrafts really. There’s not much cooler than an old low-memory game sprite recreated in cross-stitch form.

You know I’m right!

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4 Responses to Nerdlecraft! Weedlecraft! MEAT

  1. Kate says:

    The whole ‘I choose you’ thing sounds like I’m saying ‘I choose you, weedle’, i.e. I choose myself. Maybe my subconscious was trying to tell you something….

  2. Oh man. That’s so cute! Completely jealous!

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