Best Voice Actor? Maybe. That’s All I’m Saying.

Video game answers!  Well, answer…

Best Voice Acting?

I’m gonna put forward my answer here in the knowledge that he may well not be the best voice actor of all time in games, but gorram it he’s rocked my socks off with the sheer diversity of his work, and features in many of my favourite games.  What’s really interesting about this guy is just the absolutely crazy range of characters he’s played – he’s almost guaranteed to have been at least one voice that anyone can bring to mind easily and fondly.  So before I get into showcasing his talents, let me present; John DiMaggio!

Ok, I’m kidding.  Well, I’m not kidding; that is John DiMaggio.  But it’s really just a hilarious young photo I found of him online :) here he is as he appeared at ComiCon 2010;

Incredible moustache. Hints of powerful things to come.

So, what’s he done?  Well, I’ll hit you with the first two things I realised he did, in an attempt to show you just how class he is.  I’ll give you samples via the magic of YouTube.  First up, DiMaggio provided (and still provides) the voice for Marcus Fenix, the inhumanly gruff/bulky/indestructible protagonist of the Gears of War series.  No spoilers here really, just a character introduction at the beginning of Gears 2.

Marcus is the first one to speak in this video.  The huge guy who’s so manly he’s shunned a traditional helmet for a piece of thin cloth.  You can almost imagine that voice coming from John DiMaggio, to the extent that you can imagine it coming from a real human…

And now for the second piece of character acting of DiMaggio’s; Wakka.  Wakka’s a pretty major character in Final Fantasy X and X-2 and frankly, he literally couldn’t be more different to Marcus Fenix.  He comes from Jamaica-en-Spira aka Besaid island.  Again, no real spoilers here; this video’s from very early in the game.  Feel entirely free to ignore the whiny little bitch that is Tidus.

:O So, yeah – they’re both the guy above.  I think that’s enough to get him onto this answer frankly, but if you need more convincing, read on.  DiMaggio’s had some other pretty class voice roles over the years, and probably the one he’s recorded the most time for is Bender, what’s in Futurama!  Yep, that’s him too.

Oh, he’s also basically every Brute in the Halo games.  Well, he acted as ‘Brute Chieftain’ in Halo 3 and ‘Brute’ in ODST, so I’m gonna take that as every Brute in the series.  I love the Brutes, they have some of the best voices and dialogue in those games :D  Add to this the fact that he’s basically a ton of background NPCs in any Final Fantasy game after X-2, has appeared in almost any cartoon worth mentioning and even popped up in the English dub of Princess Mononoke, and you’ve got yourself one cracking voice actor :)

Oh, also he’s Kimahri.  Also in FFX.  Kimahri doesn’t speak for a pretty significant portion of the time, and when he does it’s essentially Marcus Fenix crammed into a huge blue beast-man with half a unicorn horn.

As a parting gift, for those of you who really enjoy nightmares;

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14 Responses to Best Voice Actor? Maybe. That’s All I’m Saying.

  1. Kate says:

    Marcus Fenix’s choice to shun the helmet is perhaps wise when you consider that wearing a helmet = you die in every game. EVER. Well, except Halo. And probably others. Ok, so in his specific gaming universe helmets = sissy girlyness and therefore = death. Oh the Carmine clan, when will you learn.

    • fateamenable says:

      Lol, indeed this is true. I’m actually currently playing through Gears 3 for the first time, so this could come back and change pretty badly, but 3’s Carmine actually took a sniper round to the face at about 20 yards from a Stranded – dem helmets good sometimes!

  2. Steve Fulton says:

    I always wondered why Wakka’s voice sounded so familiar… :D

  3. Kimahri almost makes up for Wakka. I don’t want to start anything here, but when you’re party is able to summon fiery death demons to fight for them, his ‘kick a rubber ball’ attack doesn’t seem so tough.

    Also, I was unbelievably bad at Blitzball, so I came to hate Wakka for his association with it.

    John DiMaggio rules.

  4. Tsk. Misspelled ‘your’ up there. I won’t be living that down anytime soon.

  5. fateamenable says:

    Haha, exactly, he’s pretty terrible. Plus, there’s never really a point where you need him to be good – no Kimahri-fighting-Biran-and-Yenke moments for him! So you can play the whole game with him off your team :)
    I loved Blitzball, could easily spend hours playing it lol…

  6. Dave says:

    Nice praise, well deserved! His voice work as Bender is superb. Shut up baby, I know it!

    Some of the best voice work I’ve heard in games in the last few years has come from the guy who plays Nathan Drake in Uncharted and the great Michael Ironside as Sam Fisher in Splinter Cell, one of the best supporting actors in the film industry and one of the greatest voices talking today. SEE YOU AT THE PARTY RICHTER!

    • fateamenable says:

      Haha! The other guy I had in consideration was Solis Snake (I wanna say Richard something? I’m almost sure I’m wrong…) – hes got to be one of the most recognisable voices to a lot of gamers.
      Him, and the guy who goes “Snake? Snake? SNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKE?!”

  7. Dave says:

    Haha! Metal Gear Solid acting is so bad it’s good.

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