ZOMG this Star Wars Art is Cool

You might’ve heard about Star Wars Identities; it’s an exhibition coming to two venues in Canada from April to September this year.  They’ve released a couple of promo images of some of the most identifiable visages of the series, and they’re pretty mega!  Star Wars™ is ultimately owned by George Lucas / LucasArts / LucasFilm etc…

First up, the most iconic image of all Star Wars; Darth Vader ^^ He’s such a lad…  Also I’m pretty sure I find the design of TIE Fighters/Interceptors sexually arousing.

3PO!  Not actually a massive fan of C-3PO to be honest, but I do like how they’ve made him out of Basic :D

Here’s Amidala made up almost entirely of Naboo Starfighters!  Pretty great rendition, I like the column of Droid tanks working down the headdress.

Yeaaaah it’s Boba made out of manly things.  Guns, armour, gauntlets… If you look above his left… eye… you’ll catch a sneaky little Slave 1!

I really love this one – they’ve worked the image of Dagobah brilliantly!

This is possibly my favourite… I mean, that’s just shibby :D

So yeah, that’s that.  It’s a real shame this exhibition isn’t coming to London or something, I’d be all UP in it.

What forces shape you?

Good tag line, sir.  Good tag line.

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2 Responses to ZOMG this Star Wars Art is Cool

  1. Panda says:

    I totes saw these and I love them!


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