Super Interesting Things!

Hello all!  Allow me to bring to you, as the name gave away, some super interesting things from the last few days!  This really is all the exposure you need to give yourself to current affairs; think of it as a ‘learn everything about the world that was worth knowing in five minutes’ session.  Only you really get literally tiny fractions of useful news.  And also most of it isn’t current.


Kicking off!  We have Casey Neistat.  He’s a film maker living in New York.  He cycles a lot, and is a little bit cheesed off about how basically everyone else in New York seems to have a different hobby; stealing bikes.  He decided to do a couple of experiments (one a while ago, one much more recently) which he’s made into short films.

The set-up is that Casey rides his bike along to a nice and conspicuous location, locks it up, walks away for a bit then comes back and steals it.  He tries to do this in the most obvious ways possible so that people can’t help noticing.  He’s out to have his faith in humanity re-affirmed; essentially waiting to be challenged by any good pedestrians or, more importantly to him, police officers.

You can catch his antics in this video;

I particularly like his friend and glamourous assistant.  Whatever your views on whether random bystanders can really be expected to step in and hold up a thief in defence of an unknown person’s material possession or not, it’s interesting to see that whatever anyone’s views, absolutely everybody thinks not when actually confronted with the chance to decide.

Check out Casey’s YouTube channel here too ^^


Next up is ScreenTeamShow, a YouTube channel run by the lovely Chad and Angie, an American couple.  Their videos are pretty much exclusively about gaming/general geekery.  Angie’s really sweet and, let’s not skirt around this, has big boobs.  Chad’s very funny, likes to fool around; he’s a little bit the Jack Black of the relationship.  Together they make some videos I really enjoy watching; a weekly feature called Screen Team Sunday in which they basically just answer user questions from the week before, and ask one right back, and the occasional video game spoof music video.

These are really great; their costumes are usually pretty funny and the re-writings of the songs are good too; I recommend you check out this Gears of War medley they made a while ago;

They don’t flood your YouTube subscription with countless videos, and the ones they do make are just nice and entertaining.  What more do we really want out of YouTube?

Game’s On It’s Last Legs

Alas, the time seems to be fast approaching that possibly my most beloved childhood shops are no more.  Game Group (essentially GAME) have revealed that suppliers are essentially not supplying them with games anymore.  This is only a week or two after they were forced to accept that they wouldn’t be stocking Mass Effect 3, and the news is a bit of a killer.  We have a game shop that soon won’t be able to get games to sell…  The announcement caused their shares to drop in value by an absolutely vast 64%.

I know, FemShep. I know...

But wait!  All is not necessarily lost!  A private equity firm, OpCapita, have stepped up and shown at least a little interest in buying out Game’s debt.  Even the hint of this sent the shares up again by 80-odd%, so really the market seems to think that this would be a viable way for them to hold on to life, if it were to go ahead.

On a side note; Wikipedia-ing Game led me to remember the shop-that-was Electronics Boutique – remember that?  How times fly :)


Chess boobs!  :D

This years European Women’s Chess Championships are going to be the first in which the new ECU dress code regulations apply.  This means, essentially, that loadsa cleavage or loadsa leg is a no go.  The rules say of décolletés (cleavage);

… the second from the top button may be opened.

Skirts may be no higher than 10cm above the knees either.  It’s like being back in school!  Let’s face it, in your standard mixed-gender chess matches, there’s probably something to be said for protecting against mass nerd nose bleeds.  There’s not really much scope for the males being so provocatively dressed as to be a distraction…  Unless Magnus Carlsen’s involved.  ‘Cus you know; he’s a model.  Yeah!  Although, I don’t know…  I never really saw the attraction myself;

Mr Carlsen - Norwegian, Grandmaster, REALLY GRUMPY MODEL

I hope you enjoyed my little wrap-up of completely random events and people!  I’m looking to watch my next Sci-Fi in the next few days (hopefully tomorrow) so instead of this incoherent content from the pile of shambles that are my day-to-day interests, we’ll be back to something resembling what I believe those in the blog-bizz call a feature.

Blizz? Blogsiness? Hmm.

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5 Responses to Super Interesting Things!

  1. Casey Neistat’s vids look interesting, will definitely check them out. More importantly, what happened to Electronics Boutique? Its still alive and kicking in Australia (although its called EB Games here), despite how ludicrously expensive it is.

    • fateamenable says:

      EB acquired the chain of Game shops in 1999, but they decided to rebrand all of their shops as GAME, not Electronics Boutique. Which is a shame, I loved their old logo lol. It was so edgy and 90’s…

      • That is weird indeed – EB and Game operate as distinctly separate (and competitive) franchises here. They’re both about 25% above reasonable prices for games, so I don’t shop at either, but I’d be interested to find out if they’re both secretly owned by the same shadowy cabal…

      • fateamenable says:

        They very much are; I’ll break it down lol.
        Back in the day, there was Electronics Boutique (in the UK, Electronics Boutique Ltd [EBL]) and a chain of games shops called Game.
        In the late 90’s/early 00’s, EBL acquired the Game chain of shops, then in 2002 rebranded all their Electronics Boutique shops in the UK to “Game” as well, and the entire UK company changed its name to Game Group.
        Game Group nowadays also owns GamesWizards and Gamestation :)
        I hadn’t known that Game and Gamestation shops are owned by the same group until recently; here, they’ve essentially always seemed to be in direct competition as the two major high street game retailers…

      • Also, you haven’t seen edgy and 90’s until you’ve seen the ‘Game Wizard’ logo (another chain that GAME bought out in Australia when they arrived)

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