About fateamenable

My name’s Jack Preston, I work in Cambridge, UK as a software developer. I’m not long out of an MMath Mathematics degree and got into this line of work after discovering a bit of a hobbyist passion for software development at University.

I’ll be looking to talk about the processes and industry of software development, interesting bits and bobs of technology, great media I encounter of any kind, … Really quite a lot of things; I’m reaching out to anybody with similar interests to me here, so if you read a few posts and decide that’s you, you’ll probably enjoy at least some of it.  There’ll be a mix of larger written pieces and shorter status-update-style posts, with a little bit of “hey, I saw this wizard thing on the internets / in real life; here’s a link / photo!”.

You can start here, btw :) You might want to skip the first post though, you’ve pretty much already read it.  So that’s +1 loyalty points already, good job!



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